@IndeedEng: A New Technical Speaker Series in Austin

We’re excited to announce @IndeedEng, a new technical speaker series that we will host monthly in our expansive new Austin office. Building successful large-scale consumer applications takes smart, passionate people with a variety of backgrounds and expertise. Our goal is to bring together the Austin tech community to discuss the challenges of developing great products.

In this ongoing series, Indeed will be sharing our real-world experience building a site that supports 90 million job seekers in 50+ countries performing over 3 billion searches a month. Additionally, we will host compelling tech talks by outside speakers.

Our first talk will be on Wednesday, February 27th, 2013, and future talks will occur on the fourth Wednesday of every month going forward.

@IndeedEng: From 1 to 1 BillionEvolution of a Document Serving System
Wednesday, February 27th at 7:00pm (RSVP)
As Indeed’s traffic has grown to its current level of over 3 billion job searches per month worldwide, we have evolved our job data storage and serving architecture in order to maintain high levels of reliability and performance, including an average retrieval time per document of 31ms. This talk will describe that evolution, from the initial direct-access MySQL-based solution to a dedicated service and custom data store built around a log-structured merge-tree (LSM-Tree) implementation.

Jack Humphrey is director of the engineering teams that build Indeed’s job search and resume products. Since joining Indeed in 2009, he has helped build the service architecture that now handles over 3 billion job searches monthly.

Jeff Plaisance is a software engineer at Indeed focused on data storage infrastructure and analysis tools, including the datastore that serves up billions of jobs daily for Indeed’s search results.

UPDATE 03/11/2013: Posted slides and video and part 1 of companion piece.