@IndeedEng 2013 Year In Review

Indeed engineers help people get jobs. We take that mission very seriously, and we love that we get to work on interesting problems in an exciting, dynamic environment that encourages end-to-end ownership, engineering velocity, and data-driven decision making.

Every member of our engineering organization contributes to this unique culture. We’re not complacent about it, either. We treat our culture like our products, as an evolving set of values and processes that require constant iterative improvement.

In the past, we didn’t share very much about what we’d done at Indeed with the software development community at large. We were focused on our mission and constantly improving how we help people get jobs.

We began to emerge from that cocoon last year, when we launched this blog. Then, in February 2013, we began presenting @IndeedEng, a series of monthly talks in our Austin headquarters. The slides and video for these talks have been posted on our blog and are now available on our new site, engineering.indeedblog.com/talks.

We presented nine @IndeedEng talks in 2013. We poured lots of effort into these talks, making sure that they clearly presented interesting technology ideas and best practices for developing great software. In our early October talk, we announced the open source release of Proctor, our A/B testing framework.

The response to these talks has been encouraging and rewarding, with over 600 people attending the series in 2013. We have enjoyed testing the capacity of our “auditorium” (it’s actually our cafeteria).

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank every great software developer out there who has inspired us to give back to the community, to thank those at Indeed who have helped make these efforts a reality, and finally to thank all of you who have read our blog, watched an @IndeedEng talk, or used our open source projects.

We look forward to continuing our conversation with you in 2014!