Open Source at Indeed: Proud Sponsor of FOSS Asia

The Indeed Open Source Program Office is excited to be at FOSS Asia in Singapore March 15-17, 2019. This is our second consecutive year at FOSS Asia. If you’re attending, visit our booth and check out three talks from Indeed’s Head of Open Source, Duane O’Brien.

Sustaining FOSS Projects by Democratizing the Sponsorship Process

Friday, March 15 | 2.30pm | Hackstage

Speaker: Duane O’Brien

Within a given company, typically only a few people are involved in deciding which FOSS projects and initiatives to support financially. This year we decided to change all that and democratize the decision making process. We set up an internal FOSS Sustainability Fund, and invited everyone to participate. This talk will examine how we got executive buy-in for the fund, how the fund was set up, how we encouraged participation, and what the impact has been so far.

Panel: FOSS Around the World

Sunday, March 17 | 11:05am | Lecture Theatre

How is the state of FOSS around the world? Open Techies from across the globe share their insights. Learn from our panel:

  • Duane O’Brien — Head of Open Source, Indeed
  • Hong Phuc — Founder, FOSSASIA
  • Michael Cheng — Licensing & Open Source Legal, Facebook
  • Roland Turner — Chief Privacy Officer, Labs Director, TrustSphere
  • Gerry Demaret — Organizer, FOSDEM

Don’t judge candidates by their GitHub profiles: How open source participation plays into hiring

Sunday, March 17 | 12:00pm | Lecture Theatre

Speaker: Duane O’Brien

You’ve heard that having a GitHub profile can help when job hunting. Is it true? How can you get started? What if you don’t have the time?

You’re hiring to fill a position, and you have two great candidates. One has a robust history of working in open source, and the other has no history at all. Is this an easy choice?

This session will look at the implications of working in open source—from the perspectives of the candidate and the hiring manager. Individuals will come away with an understanding of how open source participation affects their hireability; how they can get started; and what to do when active participation is challenging. Hiring managers will learn how to evaluate the open source work of potential candidates; how to evaluate candidates with no history; and how requiring an open source footprint creates harmful bias.

Duane O'Brien

Speaker profile

Duane is passionate about enabling smart and meaningful contributions to the open source ecosystem. He navigates the path between engineering and management, drawing on both his experience as a developer and program manager at companies, as well as his experience supporting Agile transformations.